Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 10.....

I've been showing a lot of property lately, which has inspired me to write this top ten things to do BEFORE you show your house. I should note that these are all actual things that I witnessed or exprienced in the past couple days.
10. Put up your ash trey's and make sure your house doesn't smell like one.
9. Make sure the potential buyers don't get tangled up in your landscaping
8. If you don't own a vacuum, buy one!
7. Send your yappy dog to the doggy babysitter for the day, Buyer's don't want to have a headache when they leave your house.
6. If you're into gaudy over the top decor, green carpet and opera music, that's cool but realize that 99.9% of the people who look at your house are not, tone it down.
5. If you have teenage boys consider buying some febreeze and making sure they flush the toilet.
4. Make sure that you open the blinds, and turn on the lights.....buyer's don't want to feel that they are going into a cave.
3. It's great that you have adorable kids, love the aggies and chipmunks but remember that you want the buyers to invision themselves living in your home not get so wrapped in the things in you home.
2.LEAVE, we don't need a guided tour of your property or someone to follow us around the house. Buyers want to be able to comfortably look at a home they may want to purchase.
1. While the summer is a great time to sell a house with a pool, if you're pool is literally overtaken by thousands of tadpoles and a dead squirrel you should probably drain it!

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