Thursday, March 1, 2012

Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy Floors for garages, have you seen them? Epoxy based floor coatings are basically a floor paint but of superior substance and finish.

Some benefits of this decorative floor finish include:

  • improve the appearance of any area and could increase the value of your home

  • protects and extends the life of your concrete

  • simple to clean, maintain & is bacterial resistant

  • dirt, dust & debris tracked into your home is reduced

  • provides a waterproof barrier

  • is mold resistant-reduces Radon gas emissionsis a unique and durable flooring application

  • can be laid in hours and is usable just one hour after application

  • you can chose from a range of seamless finishes, dazzling glossy finishes, sparkling epoxies and contemporary designs

  • Last but not least the RESALE benefits, buyers loved to see a home that has been well taken care of and loved!

  • You can buy Epoxy flooring kits at any Home Depot or Lowes, it's fairly inexpensive and easy to do. Average cost for a 2 car garage is about $100

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