Friday, September 30, 2011

On Demand Hot Water Heater

The installation of on demand hot water heaters in your new home is likely one of the most cost effective items to include. With just a small increase over the traditional tank water heaters you will have a great return on your investment in short time as well as reap the benefits of its increased efficiency, usability and safety.

The benefits
1. Increased efficiency – on demand heaters heat only when hot water is needed which leads to dramatic energy savings.

2. Provide a never ending source of hot water.

3. Precise water temperature set with digital thermostat.

4. The tanks can be located near the destination of the water to reduce the run for the water and in turn reducing the wait time for hot water. Visit for more information.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Aledo Home Statistics

Aledo is a highly desirable area for families, with it's excellent school system, community feel and proximity to Fort Worth it's no wonder that is a first choice for many families.

Here are some real estate statistics for homes in the Aledo ISD within the last 6 months:

There are currently 210 homes active on the market in Aledo.

The average size is 3000 square feet on 2 acres.

The average list price is $375,446.

There have been 160 sold properties within the last 6 months.

The average size of the sold properties is 2931 on 1.5 acres

Average sold price is $293,8663.

Average days on the market is 137.

Summary. Aledo is not only a great place to live it's a great place to buy and sell real estate. Now is a great time to do so, with interest rates as low as they are the opportunity is there! Let me know if I can answer any additional questions about the school district, current market conditions or assist you with your move. I'd be happy to!